What can we help you with?

Consultancy and financial management

The advice we provide on financial document management, the organization of financial and accounting management in accordance with the legislation in force or how to prepare primary documents and their circuit within the organization, makes things go impeccable in the financial department of our clients.

Tax advice

In an ever changing legal environment, we are up to date with the changes and we constantly inform our customers of the new regulations and what they mean for their businesses. We respond promptly to any requests or queries and we keep an active and effective communication with our partners.

There is a need for continuous communication between the finance department and the company manager. Communication involves the transformation of accounting data into valuable information for the manager such as customer rotation rate, the time necessary to collect a customer, the profit and loss account from which company profitability can be tracked, which is more than just a balance sheet.

Audit services

By its audit work, the Accountess team investigates and analyses a company’s financial situation in order to determine its compliance with the audit standards.

Internal audit services

Internal audit is mandatory for the organizations with annual financial statements that are subject to financial audit. Financial audit indicators:
a)total assets: 16.000.000 lei
b) net turnover: 32.000.000 lei
c) average number of employees: 50

The subject of audit consists in the entities that, on the date of financial statements, exceed the limits of at least two indicators, in two consecutive financial years.

Purpose of internal audit:
-identifying and minimizing the risks
-efficacy of operational flow
-prevention of errors or frauds
-enhancement of the management quality and internal control

The entities subjected to statutory audit, which do not organize and do not ensure the internal audit are sanctioned with a fine between 50.000 lei and 100.000 lei.

Restructuring services

A trend that became more common in the business area is that of restructuring the company by mergers, divisions and acquisitions.

By the advisory services in corporate restructuring, focused on the tax reorganization and tax and financial due diligence, we provide our clients the most efficient strategies and the most competent representation before the relevant authorities.

Accounting expertise

Our continuous training, the years of experience and the broad portfolio of clients in all areas of activity have given us a global vision of the tax system and the challenges it puts on your business. Accountess means professional accountancy expertise and extensive training for the development of accounting-specific analyses.


We know how important a good accountant is for any business. A thorough organisation, intelligent tax management, prompt adaptation to legislative changes, cost reduction – all these are essential from the very beginning for the development of your business.

Figures and documents find their perfect order with us and our clients are at all times aware of their financial situation. In addition, book keeping is always accompanied by tax consultancy, so that all company decisions can be taken in the best moments and with the full set of options.

Accountess means, for over 15 years, consultancy, accounting and audit services offered by a team of experts in finance, economy and human resources. The companies we work with do not take us only as expert accountants responsible for their financial situation, but also as their trusted consultants.

Payroll and staff administration

Once you have negotiated the salary for your employees, we take over all responsibilities in perfect confidentiality of data: relationship with the authorities, salary calculation, preparation of all the necessary documents – whether you want to hire staff, amend employment agreements or terminate them.

Who can request our services?

Natural and legal persons and freelancers

Limited liability companies or joint-stock companies

Corporations, groups or representatives