Audit Services

The financial audit is implemented at the level of all entities whose annual financial statements are subject to the statutory audit, according to the law, or the option of associates/shareholders.

The audit consists in the opinion of an authorised specialist with regard to the general economic status of a company or institutional authority as it is presented in the accounting synthesis, accounts, balance sheets and cash flows, as well as the performances, compared to the market – all these being recorded in a report drawn up under the responsibility of the auditor.

Audit activity

It plays an important role in increasing the quality of financial information and it implies:

Financial investigations
Verification of the level of compliance with the applicable regulations
Verification of the accuracy of management reporting
Prevention and identification of errors or frauds
Performance of detailed financial analyses for merger and/or acquisition purposes
Identification of the best accounting policies
Preparation of annual audit reports in accordance with the International Auditing Standards and adopted by the Chamber of Auditors of Romania

Who can request our services?

Natural and legal persons and freelancers

Limited liability companies or joint-stock companies

Corporations, groups or representatives