Financial and accounting consultancy

Following the consultancy, we will be able to ascertain the economic, financial, accounting and administrative characteristics (tendency) of the company (circuit and document filing, analysis of documents, working procedures, etc.). Once growth or contraction trends are detected, we identify the triggering factors and provide the right solutions for the situation.

As a result of the consultancy, you will be able to have all the information you need to make the best decisions at team level (in the financial and accounting department) or at management strategy level.

Our services of financial and accounting consultancy include:

Identification of the economic system characteristics (identification of the organisational structure, time constraints, limitations concerning exchange of information between departments, technological skills, costs, etc.)
Identification of the working procedures, the data operation method, data entering method through technology systems (software)
Analysis of correctness of the data entered or operating errors and generating factor

Analysis of the data flow within the company

  • In the provision of any service, besides the flow of activities, there is a parallel flow, that of the information needed to carry out that specific process:
    • analysis of the information route from one department to another, and from one employee to another
    • analysis of the way in which the information is transmitted: documented and/or oral, electronic, on paper
    • analysis of the volume of information traded on paper
    • identification of communication obstacles, if applicable, removing those that significantly block information
    • identification of unrestricted information, but which contain unnecessary processes, which are resource-consuming and have unused potential
Consultancy on the development and implementation of accounting working procedures

Who can request our services?

Natural and legal persons and freelancers

Limited liability companies or joint-stock companies

Corporations, groups or representatives