Tax advice

Following the consultancy, we develop and recommend the most appropriate solutions for economic, financial, accounting and administrative functionality.

Our services of financial consultancy include:

Consultancy in interpreting and understanding financial statements
Consultancy on the evaluation of financial indicators
Analysis of financial flows, of cash-flow
Analysis of debt and receivables
Analysis of capital and fixed assets
Tax advice at organisation level
Assistance to avoid double taxation of income
Optimisation of payment taxes and solutions to minimise them according to the legislation in force
Consultancy on financial and accounting legislation (tax on profit, income tax, VAT, excise, social insurance, etc.)
Accounting and tax review services
Taxpayer assistance during tax audits
Forecasting and planning in tax matters
Operational tax planning
Consultancy report on legal opinion and recommendations

Who can request our services?

Natural and legal persons and freelancers

Limited liability companies or joint-stock companies

Corporations, groups or representatives