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  • Website: The entire www.accountess.ro website, including all its content – texts, illustrations and graphics.
  • User: Anyone who uses the www.accountess.ro website and all its pages from any device.
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The User

The website may use cookies. Also, it stores personal data with the sole purpose of sending the user a personalized offer. You can find more information on the privacy policy of this website in the Privacy Policy.

Any potential conflict is solved by means of an amicable settlement. If this does not lead to a solution, we pass the case on to the relevant court.

The Administrator

The administrator thoroughly checks the update and accuracy of the information presented here. However, it is not responsible for unpredictable damages caused by the internet. Some of these are continuous functioning of the website, independent viruses from other sources, a delayed response due to technical causes.

The administrator is also not responsible for information from other websites regarding potential Accountess offers. These are not related to the website. Some information from the website may lead to other websites that contain relevant information. Those websites are not subject to these terms of use.


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Final Provisions

The administrator may totally or partially interrupt the services promoted on the website without a prior public notification.

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